What is PointLightLab?

The premier toolset for creating Point Light Displays

Are you a researcher trying to create audiovisual stimuli? Do you want to use a point light display but don't have time or expertise to develop software? You have come to the right place. Our tools will allow you to get a point light display up and running easily and quickly.

Use the simple editor to set the properties of the displays, then click and see your work in the high performance player. The script that you have just generated can then be deployed to your testing computers and display the same stimuli that you have generated. The software takes care of recording the subject responses and submits the result file to a directory of your choice.

Do you want to test a small number of subjects or hundreds? Do you want consistency and reproducibility? Do you want to easily document your experiment and share your results? PointLightLab is the toolkit for you.

Features Overview...

Where did PointLightLab come from?

Born out of the fires of a research project at Southern Cross University in Australia, the toolkit started life as a one of a set of stimuli generators for Visual Perception research. The initial researchers were searching for a way to generate a point light style stimuli that did not involve a large investment in motion capture technology, live action filming and could be changed rapidly to suit new requirements.

The toolkit has evolved over the past few years to become a flexible platform to support a growing number of researchers and post-grad students exploring a range of topics. This has created a product that can be configured to generate a range of permutations of stimuli and can be easily extended with new model libraries and audio media to suit the specialised needs of point light based experiments.

About Us...

Where is PointLightLab going?

Our aim is to make PointLightLab the easiest and fastest way to develop and deploy point light style visual stimuli. It is under continuous development and is being thoroughly tested by users in a number of countries. Our mission is to give you the tools so you can spend your time experimenting not developing software.

Development Road map...